The APF1 biplane was used by Ali Khali to get to Marineville.


After a counter revolution in his home country, former leader Ali Khali was forced to take the biplane in order to escape, as it was the only plane available. Agent X20, in disguise, flew with him in the copilot's seat on their way to Marineville, but sabotaged the plane and bailed out. After a extended period of attempting to land the plane and causing extensive damage to the Marineville base, Khali eventually crashed it into the Control Tower, nearly taking out Commander Shore, Captain Troy Tempest, and Sub-Lieutenant Fisher. The biplane was destroyed in the crash.



  • The model was made from balsa wood, and based on a World War 1-era model.
  • The "APF" designation is a nod to APF Productions, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's production company.