Admiral Jack Denver is an admiral in the WASP, the President of the Undersea Research Program, and Commander Shore's best friend.


Admiral Denver first met Commander Sam Shore when they were in Naval College. They soon became firm friends whose friendship consisted of them arguing over almost everything, although he and Shore would loudly proclaim that they were "discussions" not true arguements.

He eventually became president of the Undersea Research Program, and would on occasion visit Marineville to socialize in spirited "discussions" with is friend Commander Shore.

He encountered the Loch Ness Monster while in Scotland on vacation after falling asleep while fishing in his small motorboat. The monster destroyed his boat, and sent him overboard. He later authorized an expedition to send Stingray and its crew to Scotland to search for the elusive monster to prove its existence to a skeptical Commander Shore.

He would also authorize a voyage using Stingray to investigate the disappearance of a ancient palace, the Tajmanon

A very stubborn and independent man, the admiral refused all aid from Commander Shore and refused an escort when he he decided to recreate the voyage of a 18th century sailing vessel with no modern gizmos or help. This later backfired when he was struck in the head during a storm and suffered from amnesia, where he believed he was a 18th century frigate captain. He greatly admired sailing men of the past, saying that they were tougher than the sailors and WASP men and women of the present day, as they didn't have all the modern conveniences of automatic bosuns or radar, and every voyage was "a battle with the elements."

He also greatly enjoyed watching a movie that depicted a battle between old sailing galleons, one that would put Commander Shore to sleep.