Commander Sam Shore is the WASP commander of Marineville.


Born in Kansas on September 27, 2015, Shore was christened Samuel Arthur. He ran away from home at an early age to join the Navy and was given a World Security Service submarine command only three years into his service due to his skill.

Commander Shore met his friend Jack Denver while in Naval College. While Denver was eventually promoted to an Admiral, he and Shore retained their friendship, which consists of them arguing over almost everything, even if they claim they are "discussions."

Shore married Elaine McDonald in 2040 while in the service, and had a daughter named Atlanta in 2041. He later lost his wife to a heart attack in 2058, and raised his daughter while continuing to serve on the World Security Patrol.

While in command of a World Security Service submarine around 2060, his craft was attacked which resulted in him losing the use of his legs. Shore recovered, but was forced to use a specially built hoverchair in order to get around-though it didn't slow him down much. Shore was later given command of the Marineville base, and he and Atlanta moved there, with Atlanta taking over as Assistant Communications Officer of the control tower.

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