Frank Lincoln was the lighthouse keeper for the Arago Rock Lighthouse for forty years.


Frank became lighthouse keeper around the year 2025, and served as keeper for forty years, until 2065. After an airbase was built on nearby Arago Point, the lighthouse was deemed dangerous to approaching planes and scheduled to be turned off permanently. Frank turned off the lighthouse for the last time and left, only to look back and see the light come back on. When he went back to investigate, he was captured by Lorif and Cromer, two Prismians whose city was located under the waters around the lighthouse. Since their city's survival depended on receiving power from the flashing light of the lighthouse, they did not want to see it turned off.

The crew of Stingray eventually showed up to try and find out why the light was off and Frank wasn't responding, and ended up captured too. Captain Troy Tempest convinced them to allow Frank to go up and flash the lights on Stingray if they would turn off the light.

After the Prismians released the crew, they left. Frank would later receive an award for his years of service at the lighthouse. He then would go on to oversee the lights at the Tracking Station.