Nicknamed Phones for his skill with the hydrophones, he acts as Troy Tempest's copilot and is also his best friend.


George Lee Sheridan, better known as Phones, was born in South Carolina September 15, 2034. He became interested in communication techniques as a child when his father introduced him to radio. He was later orphaned in his early teens, and dropped out of school, becoming a drifter.

Phones originally worked a series of odd jobs in his youth before becoming a soldier for hire (mercenary), though he never took any jobs that he considered to be against his morals. He eventually met Troy Tempest when he was contracted to for a job and ended up freeing Troy Tempest after a failed World Navy mission. Tempest convinced him to join the World Naval Academy, where he got a degree in communications engineering in one year, and picked up his nickname for his aptitude with hydrophones.

Phones eventually entered the Navy submarine service, where he rose rapidly to Lieutenant rank. He later transferred to WASP and was made the hydrophone operator on Stingray, at Tempest's suggestion.

At 31, Phones is older than Troy Tempest but is equally as brave and reliable as the ship's captain.He earned his nickname because of his expertise in using the hydrophones-there is not a communications officer in WASP that is his equal. He is also an excellent copilot, and he and Troy treat each other more as equals than commanding officer and subordinate.

Most of his time off duty he spends improving the electrical systems on Stingray, though he won't say no to a social gathering with Atlanta, Troy, and Marina.