Hepcat Sub was a mini submarine piloted by two groovy fellows, Joe and Frank.


The Hepcat was piloted by Joe and Frank, who wanted to deep dive to search for a legendary undersea forest that supposedly grew precious gems. When they tried to obtain a certificate from Marineville so they could deep dive, Commander Shore dismissed them as quacks and their sub as not seaworthy.

However, both men decided to dive anyway. Hepcat's hull began to crease as they went deeper, and eventually began to fill with water. They hit the bottom and were knocked out from the impact. They managed to get out an emergency beacon, and Marineville sent Captain Troy Tempest and Stingray to save them. After attaching an airline to the sub, Tempest was able to send them safely back to the surface.



Radio Marker: When there was trouble, Hepcat sent up the radio marker to send an S.O.S call.



  • This model was most likely recycled from the Yellow Sub seen in The Ghost Of The Sea.
  • It was 10-14 inches long and made from balsa wood with aircraft fins added.
  • The full-sized cockpit model seen in the up close shots with Joe and Frank used the cockpit set from Supercar.
  • The canopy on top of the small model also likely used a recycled Supercar canopy as well.