Mike Bromley was part of a duo looking for a legendary pearl.


Mike Bromley, along with his partner Chick Kingsland, illegally dived in WASP protected waters in search of a giant oyster and a rumored giant pearl. While they were able to navigate the caverns and locate the oyster, they were forced to surface due to a lack of air, where they were picked up by the crew of Stingray.

While Commander Shore dismissed their search as nonsense, Atlanta Shore and Troy Tempest were able to convince him otherwise, and he authorized a dive to try and retrieve it. He accompanied the Stingray crew to dive for the pearl, and went with Tempest to acquire the pearl. On the way to the giant oyster, Tempest saved his life from a rockslide.

Upon returning to the sub, Kingsland wanted to shoot them, but Bromley, feeling guilty and wanting to repay Troy for saving his life earlier, convinced Kingsland to let them go. Bromley then tried to figure out how the controls to Stingray worked, but it was to no avail as oysters attracted by the pearl had completely settled on Stingray, immobilizing it.

Realizing they are doomed, Bromley desperately contacts Tempest for aid. Troy gets both of them to launch the pearl out of the missile ejection tube along with their guns, before boarding the ship and holding both of them up at gunpoint.

Bromley was later taken back to Marineville and put in jail.