The Missile Sub was an enemy sub made of a revolutionary alloy that made it almost indestructible.


Piloted by a two man crew, this craft engaged the WSP submarine Sea Probe while it was on patrol. Sea Probe fired two missiles at it, but they appeared to have no effect due to the revolutionary alloy that it was made out of. The crew then fired one of their missiles back, destroying Sea Probe.

With the craft bearing down on Marineville, the World Aquanaut Security Patrol were forced to enlist the help of Professor Burgoyne to develop a new metal that would pierce the sub's armor. After developing a metal, it was outfitted to the nosecone of a Sting missile and deployed from Stingray, destroying the sub.





  • A combination of tubing, kit parts, and balsa wood were used to make this model.
  • The tail assembly may have partially been salvaged from the Pink Ice Sub.