Pacifica is a large underwater city that is contained within large shells. It is the former home of Marina, and is ruled by her father, Aphony, and a elected Inner Council. The city is known to be a center of learning and peace, with a strong and prosperous economy built on undersea agriculture and trade with other undersea cities.

It has been completely destroyed twice, with the current city being the third to be built. Titan destroyed it the second time, capturing several members, including Marina. The remaining inhabitants rebuilt the city from the ground up, and while the current city has few defenses, they are in possession of a force field that is capable of deflecting most missiles. Most of the city is also located beneath the sea bed for extra protection.


Pacificians have greenish-tinted hair and webbed feet. They are able to breathe on both land and in water, and communicate via telepathy.

Citizens include: