Prisma is a city that was built around the base of the Arago Rock Lighthouse. The citizens of Prisma depended on the light of the lighthouse for 175 years to provide them power.

The city has a unique power system that depends on the movement of thousands of sea anemones on the sea floor above the city, which open and close in the presence or absence of light. The flashing of the lighthouse originally provided the power for almost two hundred years, but the city faced a crisis when the lighthouse was decommissioned in 2065 and turned off to ensure planes from a nearby airfield would not be confused.

Desperate, two citizens reactivated the lighthouse, which caused a plane to crash and brought them in conflict with the WASP. Despite this, they were able to make their plight known to the crew of Stingray, who were able to work out a solution with some of the WASP engineers. A flashing light was placed on the seabed, which would provide power to the city but not cause any conflict with the nearby airfield.


The Prismians have reflective green skin and white hair.

They include: