Professor Darren is a professor that developed a process to extract gold from seawater.


Professor Darren developed a method to extract gold from seawater. Along with his assistant Chuck, they converted a bathyscaphe to run the conversion, which they used to demonstrate the process to Commander Shore. Impressed, the Commander agreed to supply the two men as they worked in the Kendrick Trench to extract more gold.

Using the FD7, the bathyscape was towed to the Kendrick Trench, lowered, and put to work extracting. After a month, Stingray was sent out to bring them supplies and fetch the extracted gold. Unfortunately, the bathyscaphe is attacked when a minion of Titan drops a device that attracts the Gargon, a monstrous fish that gives off electrical impulses.

Darren, along with Chuck, Phones, and Marina, are trapped in the bathyscaphe as the fish attacks, and are in trouble as the craft begins to sprout leaks from the battering it is taking. They are saved when Troy Tempest grabs the beacon and drops it on Titan's craft instead, distracting the fish and allowing for their rescue.