After Admiral Jack Denver suffers a head injury during a storm, he believes that he is the actual Captain of the 18th century galleon he is on, and turns his cannons on Stingray.


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Regular Voice Cast

  • Captain Troy Tempest- Don Mason
  • Lieutenant Phones Sheridan - Robert Easton
  • Lieutenant Atlanta Shore- Lois Maxwell
  • Commander Sam Shore - Ray Barrett
  • Lieutenant John Fisher- Ray Barrett

Guest Voice Cast

  • Admiral Jack Denver - David Graham

WASP Equipment Used

  • Stingray

Non-WASP Equipment Used


  • The galleon that is used in this episode is the galleon that Troy rescued Commander Shore and Phones from in "The Ghost Ship." It was originally donated to the maritime museum in "The Ghost Ship," and Admiral Denver borrowed it in this episode.
  • Duke Dexter's hit single from "Titan Goes Pop" appears in this episode, in the scene where Troy and Atlanta are dancing.