Stingray is the first episode of the series of the same name. It is the first episode in broadcast and production order.


When the World Security Patrol Sea Probe submarine is mysteriously destroyed, Troy Tempest and Phones are assigned to investigate. However, they are attacked by a strange Mechanical Fish and taken to the underwater city of Titanica, ruled by Titan. Troy protests that the WASP's purpose is investigation, not aggression, but Titan subsumes him to a strange trial headed by Teufel, Titanica's great fish god, who looks only upon friends of the Titanicans. Tuefel turns away from Troy and Titan declares him and Phones guilty, sentencing them both to death at the underwater prison of Aquatraz. But while en route, Titan's slave, Marina, helps Troy and Phones to escape.

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  • This episode has no on-screen title card. It is referred to by episode listings, instead.
  • Stingray's top speed is given as Rate 6 (600 knots, over 690 mph).
  • One marine minute is approximately equal to two terrainean minutes.


  • The 1st WSP Commander is initially voice by Don Mason, but on his next appearance (on the videophone), he is voiced by Ray Barrett.
  • The liquid filling the tube in the Titanica throne room is initially red, but when the tube is three-quarters full, the liquid turns to black.