The WSP Guard Submarine was a single-person patrol craft operated by Captain Shore. It was destroyed when Shore rammed an enemy craft with it.


In 2060, Shore (then a captain in the World Security Patrol) was on patrol when his superiors ordered him to investigate the destruction of a mining platform that was mining for cobalt one-five. While searching the area, he encountered a small, mysterious yellow submersible, which immediately flees.

Giving chase, the enemy sub briefly disappears, before firing a missile at Shore's craft and crippling it from its hiding place behind a nearby rock formation. Shore managed to ram the yellow sub with his craft, almost completely destroying it. It was this action that left him crippled.





  • Shore's WSP Guard Sub is most likely a souped-up version of one previously seen in the Fireball XL5 episode Sabotage.
  • The model was mostly balsa wood, with an engine from a B-59 "Hustler" kit.