Responsible for patrolling the oceans of the world and providing a defense against threats from the sea, the World Aquanaut Security Patrol operates from Marineville, a purpose-built base on America's western seaboard. Specially developed to provide the World Aquanaut Security Patrol with the fastest and most comprehensively equipped patrol ship imaginable, Stingray is based in Marineville's Pen 3, accessible at a moment's notice via injector tubes linked to its crew's stand-by lounge.

The organization was originally inaugurated in the early 21st century as a division of the World Navy Submarine Service, and was originally headquartered in San Diego alongside the World Naval Academy. On Novmber 15, 2036, Marineville was inaugurated as their new headquarters and became the hub of WASP activities. It remained a division of the World Navy until 2062, when it finally became its own separate entity under World Security Patrol jurisdiction.

Known Craft

There are over 400 vessels operated by the Patrol, which are located worldwide at various WASP and WN bases. Some craft are operated in conjunction with the WN, and some craft types are shared across both organizations.

These craft include:

The WASP also has several aircraft classes in service. These include: