The Yellow Sub was piloted by Ghost of the Sea.


There are two versions of this craft-whether the first that was destroyed was rebuilt or if they are different craft altogether is unknown.

In 2060, World Safety Patrol Captain Shore investigated a mining platform explosion, and detected the Yellow Sub in the area. The sub fled and Shore gave chase. The Ghost, who was piloting the craft, hid behind a natural rock formation and ambushed an unsuspecting Shore, hitting his craft and crippling it. In retaliation, the captain rammed his damaged craft into the Yellow Sub, destroying it.

Five years later, another mining platform built over the same area is attacked again in the same manner. An identical Yellow Sub to the first was attacking the platform. Stingray gave chase, and when the Ghost attempted to pull the same maneuver that had crippled Shore's sub five years earlier, Stingray was able to detect them. After the sub's hiding place is destroyed by a missile from Stingray, the Ghost piloted the craft into a cave too small for Stingray to enter.

When Marina and Troy investigate the submarine, they realize it had been rigged to explode, and barely escape in time. The second Yellow Sub is destroyed in the explosion.





  • A 10-14 inch model, it was made from balsa wood and aircraft kit fin parts.
  • It was later converted into the Hepcat.